My Story So Far


My name’s Holly. Normally when people say that, they follow up with “but people call me…” I can’t do that. The only other names I have are the embarrassing things my parents call me, and I’m not telling you those. It’s bad enough when they use them to find out where I am in supermarkets.


I was born in 1990 in London, and I didn’t live there for very long. I’ve moved a lot. The first house I loved was near Winchester, and it was cold, damp and old, but I was happy there. Roses grew outside my bedroom window and I had secret hiding places just for me. I took myself for walks, played in gardens and spent my life enjoying nature. It was totally idyllic.

Then I had to grow up, which is a shame really.

I went through school and teenage rebellion without a hitch. I enjoyed being a “Goth” for a time. That’s only in quotation marks because I’m starting to realise that I didn’t do it very well, despite my insistence that I would still be a goth by the time I was 30.

The music stuck though, and I’m pretty sure that’s not going anywhere, much to my mother’s eternal chagrin.

After a jolly uneventful Gap Year, I studied Anthropology at Southampton University. I graduated in 2012 with a 2.1 and I’m hoping that one day I will get my Master’s.

Writing is my passion, followed closely by reading, cookery and theatre.

I am a bit of a geek – but not the cool kind. I mean, my friends and I are people who will spend hours debating comics, graphic novels, sci-fi, fantasy – it goes on and on. My first love is Star Trek, and I will happily watch a season over a weekend whilst doing my chores and cooking. My second love is Harley Quinn, because she’s just so damn cool. I was going to try and persuade people to start calling me Harley at one point, as it’s not all that far removed from Holly, after all. It didn’t stick.

I hope that someday someone will read something that I’ve written and it will make sense to them. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do.

So here’s my life, laid out for you all to see. I hope that you will enjoy my musings and maybe one day you’ll read something I’ve written somewhere else and think “Hey, I remember that girl, she writes that blog post about her awful cooking!” That would be pretty wonderful.

My head will probably always been in the clouds, or at least looking at them…



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