And a partridge (or two) in a pear tree.


Hello! Remember me? Thought not, but never mind, I’m back now and that’s what matters.

I appear to have been on a temporary hiatus from blogging, and it really was terribly rude of me not to tell you first, especially seeing as I didn’t real warn myself either. I hope you can forgive me. So, what have I been up to in my blogcation, I hear you ask. (You’re right, that’s awful portmanteau-ing, I’ll never do it again, I promise.)

Well, not much really. I’ve been rethinking various life goals, cooking, working, sleeping. You know, the usual.

Oh, and I got engaged. Hence, the life goals and what not. I’m really thinking about where I want to go in life now, and I’m pretty sure that the answer lies somewhere in my head – I just can’t figure out quite where!

I have also decided that a wedding is the perfect excuse to stop eating so much cheese. As much as I love cheese, it isn’t on friendly terms with my hips and chin. It’s a shame, really. My wonderful partner type person has already cottoned onto this. I refer you to an ‘incident’ in Lidl last weekend where I went to pick up the customary tube of ‘Rusti Chips’, Lidl’s answer to Pringles (only better). James looked at my outstretched hand, and said “wedding”. I retracted my hand, lip quivering at the thought of never being able to eat crisps again. What a git, I thought.

He’s right though. We have been slacking on the healthy eating recently and could both stand to be a bit fitter. Okay, I could stand to be a lot fitter, at least James can do sit ups. I can’t even do one. Or a push up. I maintain that I could do one if there was a cheesy reward, but that kind of negates doing them in the first place.

So, in an effort to cut back both on our BMI’s and our budgets, I have devised a weekly menu from the mountains of food in the freezer and stuck it on the fridge, where it must be followed at all costs. Or else. I’m not sure who the ‘or else’ was meant for, but it sounds pretty good in my head so I’m keeping it in.

Last night was our last “pig out” night, and boy, was it good! Roast partridges, Dijon mustard mash, honey roasted parsnips and butternut squash. You can see the picture up there (that lantern was an engagement present from my dad and stepmum, it’s such a delightful fire hazard, we just had to light it!)

Anyway, Partridges are tricky blighters, those bones are teeny tiny. I have to admit, we gave up on cutlery at one point and pretended we were Elizabethan royalty. Well, I did. I think James was just trying to get to the meat. Thoroughly delicious though, and completely complemented by the Creme brûlée we had for pudding – I couldn’t resist, it’s just the one night after all. (I’ve been saying that every night for a while now. Oops.)

Let’s have a miniature digression here because if we didn’t, I don’t think it would sound like I was writing this post! When I found my partridges, in Lidl of course, I was also surprised to find: venison steaks, kangaroo steaks, diced reindeer, stuffed pheasant, whole lobsters, and a host of other fantastic meats and seafood. It’s a magical place and I love it a little bit more every time I go there.

However – still no river cobbler. Disappointing.

So yes, digressions aside, today marks the start of smaller, healthier portions and (possible) exercise. Well, we’re not getting any younger, I suppose. It’s not like I don’t have time to work on the flat stomach and finding my jawline somewhere on my face, my mother has requested that the wedding be far enough away for her to find the perfect hat. So we’re looking at provisional dates in 2023 at the moment. Milliners, be prepared.

Anyway, I suppose this is the start of a new chapter, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all you people who glance at my life on occasion. Even if I do sound largely sarcastic most of the time, I’m getting happier and especially looking forward to Christmas because I’ll get to eat and cook lovely things with the important people. And you can guarantee there’ll at least be pictures. Maybe.

If you’re lucky and I don’t forget of course, which is incredibly likely.


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3 Responses to And a partridge (or two) in a pear tree.

  1. Keith B says:

    Missed your blogs – been some time now! Congrats on the engagement! Please please do not give up the blogging!

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